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DACOR has moved to a national dialup program that will allow us to service dialup customers in all 50 states:

If you are dialing in, you will have a (or hosted domain) mailbox you will need to authenticate you’re your outbound mail connection when using  If you use one of our new access number outside our current local calling area, you will need to add to your username to identify yourself as one of our customers.

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What does this mean to you?  
This means that you can dialup DACOR toll free from almost everywhere in the USA.  Canada and Puerto Rico will also be on line soon. 

If you move out of the local calling area you can keep your DACOR account and email address simply by changing to the access number to the new toll free access number for that area.  This eliminates having to contact everyone in your address book, circle of contacts, friends and family every time you have to change services providers. 

When you use our nationwide dialup from another location, please remember to log on as  Your password will remain unchanged. This allows the new service to recognize you from anywhere in the expanded service area.  

Plus, if you sign up a friend or family member in any of the areas covered by DACOR'S nationwide footprint you will receive a credit equal to the dialup service they select.  Just think, if you sign up 12 members, you get a whole year of free service.

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Some toll free access numbers may not support V.92 functions.
Check for the V.92 status for each available number.



Email Only Account: $5.00 per month.  Setup $9.95.  Includes one Email account and 15 hours of connect time with 30 minute session limit. Additional time may be purchased at $5/15 hours.  Our nationwide dialup plan is not included with this package.  *This service is not available in all areas.

$9.95 per month Setup $9.95.  Use your Hotmail, Yahoo or BGSU email box.  You will still be able to dial into DACOR and use your 3rd party email account.

High Speed Dialup only $3.00 additional per month.  Up to 5 times faster.  $12.95

$14.90 per month. Setup $9.95. Unlimited Access. One email account.

High Speed Dialup only $3.00 additional per month.  Up to 5 times faster. $17.90

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Extra Email Accounts: $4.95/month.  With Web Hosting 10 mailboxes are included.

  • Home Page disk space allocation is on request.  Please let us know when you want to deploy a home page and we will allocate the space for you at that time.
  • Connect time is unlimited, but only the first 200 hours are included each month. We do monitor activity on your connection.  If we detect that no activity has occurred on your connection for 30 straight minutes, your connection will be terminated.  This feature insures that our modems are not tied up by connection problems at your end that may have your system locked up or you get distracted and forget to log off our server.  Beyond 200 hours per month there is a charge of 20 cents per hour.
  • Connection speed is determined by the quality of the circuit connection between your computer and our servers.  There are many factors outside of our control that may result in your connecting to our servers at less that our maximum published capability.  We continue to take all of the possible steps to insure that the phone lines between our servers and the telephone company's switching equipment will not prohibit our delivering these speeds.  We can not, however, do this for all telephone circuits in our service area.  We apologize, in advance, if you are unable to realize this level of connection speed, but can not be responsible for this problem.  You may contact your local phone service provider and find that there may be some steps that can be taken at your end of the connection to improve your connection speed.  We encourage you to make these inquires as we feel this will ultimately improve service levels for entire neighborhoods.