DACOR Internet Services

Web Development Support

DACOR provides Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, browser programming language) setup services.  We can scan photographs from your company brochure or any other printed material and incorporate these pictures into your web site pages .

DACOR provides image full service graphic design utilizing the latest imaging technology and software such as Adobe Photoshop 6.0,  Adobe Image Ready, and Windows Streaming Media Encoder. 

DACOR provides Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming services using Perl, Java and Active Server Pages (ASP) programming languages as well as general program development services in Visual C++ and Visual Basic.  Using CGI, it is possible to make your website content dynamically respond to the viewer's input.  CGI is also useful for the collection of information from the viewer for applications as simple as mailing lists to Point of Sale applications.  Call DACOR (352-3568 or 800.447.5333) to discuss your CGI programming ideas along with our estimate for programming them. 


Naming Conventions:

Internet Information Server (IIS) supports the names DEFAULT.HTM and INDEX.HTML as top pages for your web site.  Please note that should your web site directory contain both, DEFAULT.HTM will be delivered to your clients and INDEX.HTML will be ignored.   For CGI Perl conversion from UNIX, rename all *.CGI scripts to *.PL both in your HTML documents and in your CGI-BIN directory.

FrontPage-Based Web Publishing Support:

If you are using Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000-2002 to develop you web site content, please let us know at support@dacor.net so that we can install and configure the Front Page publishing extensions for your site.


Active Server Pages:

DACOR's web servers supports ASP.  If you use ASP for your top web site page please name it DEFAULT.ASP so that our server will find it properly.

Other Service Support:

DACOR's web server supports:

  • Active Perl Programming Language
  • Active PHP Programming Language
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL SQL Server
  • OLE DB Services for other Microsoft Office File types like Access and Excel

Web Site Development Resources:
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